One of our largest crane-300 ton double girder gantry crane

300 ton double girder gantry crane is used to move objects from one location to another, a current project features one of our largest beams. The double beam gantry crane has strong bearing capacity, large span and good overall stability.

Gantry crane is a bridge type crane that supports the bridge on the ground rails through the legs on both sides. It is structurally composed of a gantry, a cart running mechanism, a lifting trolley and an electric part. It is mainly used for loading and unloading operations of outdoor freight yards, material yards and bulk cargoes. The gantry crane has the characteristics of high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability and strong versatility, and is widely used in port yards.

Our client required a lifting solution tailored to suit their specific application in a coastal environment. What was unusual about this requirement is that in addition to the main crane span of more than 30m, the beam extended to close 10m at either end to provide cantilever lifting capability.

The beam is so large that it can be connected in two places when it reaches the customer's location to make transportation of the structure possible.

Since the 300-ton double-beam gantry crane is installed in an outdoor environment, after long-term use, sufficient environmental protection will be applied through the paint surface to protect it against various elements.

The maintenance of gantry cranes:

First, lubrication

The performance and life of the crane's various mechanisms depend largely on lubrication.

When lubricating, the maintenance and lubrication of electromechanical products can be found in the manual. The grease should be injected once a week. The hoist is filled with industrial gear oil (SY1172-80) 200. The oil level should be checked frequently and replenished in time.

Second, the wire rope

Pay attention to the broken wire of the wire rope. If there is broken wire, broken strand or wear amount reaches the scrapping standard, the new rope should be replaced in time. The available steel wire rope includes phosphating coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope.

Third, the spreader

The spreader must be inspected regularly.

Fourth, the pulley block

Mainly check the rope groove wear condition, whether the rim is cracked or not, and the pulley is stuck on the shaft.

Five, the brake

Each shift should be checked once.The brake should be operated accurately and the pin should not be stuck. The brake shoe should be properly fitted to the brake wheel, and the brake shoe clearance should be equal when the brake is released.