The knowledge about crane industry

Crane industry famous brand in the world

At present, more than a dozen companies in Sweden, Italy, Austria, Germany, the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries produce dozens of models of truck-mounted cranes. Mainly in Europe, Europe began to produce truck-mounted cranes from the 1950s to 1950s. The main manufacturers are Sweden HIAB, Italy FASSI, FERRARI, HELIA, Austria PALFIN-GER, Germany TIRRE, Asia ’s truck-mounted cranes include Japan Kato, and more Field, Yunic, GROVE of the Americas.

The development of crane indusry in China

Due to many years of manufacturing experience and advanced technology, international truck-mounted cranes have formed a product line with diversified functions, serialization of varieties, and integration of electro-mechanical and hydraulic control.

The domestic truck-mounted crane started in the 1970s. Due to our low labor costs, underdeveloped logistics, and inadequate recognition of people, the development of the domestic truck-mounted crane industry is restricted. Domestic enterprises are generally small in scale and have a single product variety.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, the country's infrastructure has been continuously strengthened, which has promoted the development of the truck-mounted crane industry. China's truck-mounted crane technology has gradually matured and is increasingly welcomed by customers in the market. However, compared with foreign products, the truck crane industry in China still has the problems of low technical level, poor safety, single function and few varieties, and has not formed a full range of product lines.

Many domestic enterprises actively seek joint ventures and cooperation with foreign companies, which is a shortcut for domestic truck-mounted crane companies to rapidly improve their product technology and increase market share. For example, Tai'an Crane Factory cooperated with Japan's UNIC to establish Tai'an Furukawa Machinery Co., Ltd. Changlin Co., Ltd. cooperates with Austria's PALFINGER to produce knuckle boom cranes. Trinity Group cooperates with the Austrian company Palfiger to establish two joint ventures in Changsha and Austria. Development is fast.

The future of crane industry

In the next few years, with the continuous penetration and invasion of foreign truck mounted crane enterprises, the domestic truck mounted crane industry will face a situation of reshuffle, and market competition will be further fierce. Only domestic companies can introduce advanced technology, carry out joint ventures and cooperation with foreign companies, improve the technical content of products, and eliminate outdated products in order to meet domestic market demand and enter the international market as soon as possible, and continue to grow bigger and stronger.